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Fabulous Friends

Gorgeous, cuddly, life-sized Orla Oobicoo is designed to wear out-grown baby clothes, encouraging re-recycling and re-use;  dexterity, through dressing up; and communication, through role play. But all in all, she's just a great cuddly chum - perfect for boys and girls.

Earth-friendly, Orla is made from recycled and recycleable fabrics and raises money, with EVERY sale, to help the Children's Immunology Fund. Why buy?

We are sorry that Olwyn, Ollie and Ed are currently all on holiday (out of stock) but we hope to see them again soon. In the meantime, you may find them at 


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Winner: Slow Toy Awards 2012.

Winner: Best Soft Toy (Olwyn), Rainbow Toy Awards 2012.

Highly Commended Junior Design Awards 2012.

Highly Commended, Gift of the Year 2012.

Winner: Best Soft Toy (Orla and Ollie), Rainbow Toy Awards 2011.

Best Soft Toy, Loved by Parents 2011.